Ivan Remus: Master Your Life - One Day at a Time
Ivan Remus-Master Your Life-One Day at a Time

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Week 40: No. What is that?
This is our 3rd post in a row talking about our subconscious mind. Today we are going to be talking[...]
Week 39: Inside Out
If you haven’t seen the Disney’s Pixar movie “Inside Out” you must stop right now whatever you are doing and[...]
Week 38: Our Second Brain
If you ask any person how many brains do a human being has, most probably this person would jump to[...]
Week 37: The Gate Keeper
We have been talking about our marvelous Subconscious Mind and its tremendous power and potential. But who is in charge[...]
Week 36: I Forgive You…
Today, I decided to forgive you. Today, I liberate myself from the pain you have caused in my life. Yes,[...]
Week 35: Habits
We all have, at some point of our lives said: “We are creatures of habits”. Nothing truer! But what is[...]

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Ivan Remus: Master Your Life - One Day at a Time

My career in the legal, engineering, real estate and academic fields are extensive and focused into the Real Estate Business. I have enjoyed a reputation as a passionate and dedicated executive that has made a personal commitment of contributing to the practice of law through my private practice and academic legacy.

Ivan Remus: Master Your Life - One Day at a Time