Week 24: Commencement Vs. Continuation

Finally, we all are here!

Week 24 is upon us and we are what is called the “Commencement”. I was talking to my family telling them that even though this great “course” was about to “end”, it wasn’t to really end for me because this is a change in a lifestyle more than a quick-fix program.

That I will continue with my readings, my sittings, my index-cards, my vision board, my affirmations, my mental diet, my blog postings, and everything that I have been doing for the last 24 weeks.

And today, Mark offered us the tremendous opportunity to be lifetime members of this life-changing experience.

And what is the name given to the first week in this new era in the program?


Being an attorney at law, I’m very familiar with these two terms, but I decided to have another look at the definition of both words. Let’s take a look:

The word “Commencement” is a noun and has two possible meanings:

  1. a beginning or start. “at the commencement of training”
  2. But in North America, it also means a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.

What an appropriate word to be used in our last week of the course!

On the one hand, it is indeed our graduation day. That is why Mark was all dressed up with his tuxedo and everything. (hopefully with pants, and shoes included) LOL

On the other hand, it is indeed the beginning of our journey flying solo. And being committed to ourselves.

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If we look for the definition of the word “Continuation”, we will find the following accepted definition:

  1. the action of carrying something on over a period of time or the process of being carried on. “the continuation of discussions about a permanent peace”
  2. the state of remaining in a particular position or condition. “the administration’s continuation in office”
  3. a part that is attached to and an extension of something else.
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We have been given the baton to continue the race of our lives!

We have been given the baton to continue the race of our lives.

After reading both definitions, it is indeed an “Commencement” and a “Continuation” of this wonderful program that have changed the lives of many.

Today, I graduated from my experience of dare to dream and dare to live my dreams. Today, I also continue my journey of self discovery, clarity & becoming the best version of myself!


Paraphrasing Og Mandino says in Scroll VI in his book “The Greatest Salesman in the Word”:

Today I control my destiny,

and my destiny is to become the greatest salesman in the word!

Today, I become master of myself.

Today, I become great!

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