Week 36: I Forgive You…

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Today, I decided to forgive you.

Today, I liberate myself from the pain you have caused in my life. Yes, in my life.

But first, let’s define what the meaning of “forgive” is.

“Forgive” is a verb that means: “stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake”.

Yes, today I forgive you.


Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, “forgiveness brings with it plenty of health benefits, including improved relationships, decreased anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, a lowered risk of depression, and stronger immune and heart health. Letting go of negative emotions can often have a remarkable impact on the body”.


Have been 10 weeks since I started this wonderful, sometimes painful journey of self-discovery and realization with the people of MKMM, and I may add that I finally decided to let it go. I decided to improve my relationships, decrease my levels of anxiety and stress. I decided to feel better, to be better.

That is the reason I forgive you.

9e42129c6b414d0b03473a9e4d131764I forgive you for telling me to stop dreaming when I was just a child.

I forgive you for overprotecting me just because you were afraid of me getting hurt.

I forgive you for all those years I have lived in fear and pain.

I forgive you for all the sadness you have caused in my life.

Today, I have decided to forgive you.

Today, I have decided to let it go and be finally happy in my life.

Today, I look straight to your eyes and say: I forgive you, Ivan.

I finally forgive myself for all the things I used to tell my self when no other person was listening or paying attention in my life.






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