Week 25: I have Created a Monster!

Life is a constant process of changes and adaptations.

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Moving to Dallas to develop my business has meant been willing to dramatically change my line of work, from the legal and technical profession to the teaching profession.

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What a blessing!

My Pivotal Needs are Liberty and Legacy.

And being a teacher has allowed me to manifest my Legacy through my students.

As a part of our MKMMA Program, we have been creating our own personal journal of positive things in our life. Every day we must write at least 3 different things that happened the day before that make us feel grateful for happy.

Two weeks ago, as a part of the English Language Art curriculum, (ELA) I have asked my students to write at least 3 different things they did or happened to them the day before that makes them feel happy.

The results have been not less than astonishing!

Kids who didn’t have any idea of what to write, who literally said that hey didn’t have anything in life to celebrate, are now writing a whole page of good things in their lives.

One particular kid started celebrating that he has eyes to see and air to breathe. How impressive! Now, the same kids are noticing that mom takes care of him and his two other brothers. Now, the same kid is celebrating that he expended time with his brother…

Image result for do it nowAnother daily task is repeating 25 times, twice a day “Do it now”…

In the morning, during the process of checking their homework, I started to ask to those who “their dog ate their homework” to it at this moment, n the classroom. I started to repeat “do it now” to those kids who own me their homework…

To my surprise, I overheard two girls saying to each other: “do it now, do it now, do it now”!

Now we are having prey deep conversations about what they do want in life, about why is so important to have a crystal clear mental picture of what they want to do in life, about the importance of doing it now, about being responsible and grateful.

And my students are 7-8 years old!

Today, I just sat and observed, how the seed has been sown, and we have started to reap the harvest.

And I was wondering how to manifest my need for Legacy. Go figure!

Today, I just realized that I have created a monster!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JD9it6SmB8]

A good monster, and what a wonderful feeling!



[The Milton the Monster Show (1964-68 ABC TV series produced by (Hal Seeger)]