Week 39: Inside Out

download (15)If you haven’t seen the Disney’s Pixar movie “Inside Out” you must stop right now whatever you are doing and watch that wonderful movie right now. (Did I say “right now” twice?). Let’s try it again: Stop reading, go watch me movie right now and come back. It’s that good!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you the story in this post. I won’t spoil the experience. What I’m going to do is telling you about the characters of the story.

This film is about Riley Andersen, an 11-year-old girl (who turns 12 at the end of the movie) who loves hockey. And the story is almost entirely told from the point of view of her Emotions: Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Anger.

download (14)First and foremost, we have Joy:

Joy is the optimistic, the proactive, and the person who is always looking at the bright side of our life. She is the person we all aspire to be (without noticing that she is already living inside us). Joy gives us the “joy” to live life to the max. “She is lighthearted, optimistic and determined to find the fun in every situation. Joy sees challenges in Riley’s life as opportunities.” She is the reason we smile and feel thankful for all our blessing in our life. Thank you Joy!

images (38)Second, we have Sadness:

Sadness, well I think you got the picture. She is always sad. Always remembering only the sad side of every story in her life. She is the reason we feel “blue” sometimes. She is very good at sabotaging our moments of “Joy” by constantly reminding us that there is (or should be) a reason to be just “SAD”. In her defense, “Sadness would love to be more optimistic and helpful in keeping Riley happy, but she finds it so hard to be positive.” Sadness, is so easy to just feel sorry of myself and self pity…

images (39)Third, we have Disgust:

Well, let’s just say that Disgust “is highly opinionated, extremely honest and prevents Riley from getting poisoned — both physically and socially. She keeps a careful eye on the people, places and things that Riley comes into contact with — whether that’s broccoli or last year’s fashion trend. Disgust always has the best of intentions and refuses to lower her standards.” Disgust makes be very opinionated… Of other, and of myself.

images (41)Fourth, we have Anger:

Anger is very passionately about making sure things are fair for Riley. He has a fiery spirit and tends to explode (literally) when things don’t go as planned. He is quick to overreact and has little patience for life’s imperfections. Anger is what makes me sometimes overreact and hurt those who I love most, even myself.

images (29)And fifth, we have Fear:

Fear’s main job is to protect Riley and keep her safe. He is constantly on the lookout for potential disasters, and spends time evaluating the possible dangers, pitfalls and risk involved in Riley’s everyday activities. There are very few activities and events that Fear does not find to be dangerous and possibly fatal.

As you can now see, this wonderful film really is about the “voices” that live within us. Those tinny voices that speak aloud all the time, even if we pretend not paying attention to them.

All our emotions have good intentions of protect us. And don’t get me wrong, all our voices are necessary to live a balanced life. The important thing is, being aware of which voice is the leading voice inside us.

In my case, I have allowed Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger to be in charge of my life, letting Joy relegated in a second (fifth?) place in my life. Thanks God I’m now more aware and I started to pay more attention to what Joy has to say in my life.

My personal suggestion? Let’s make Joy our leading voice in our life and be aware of all the other voices inside us.

Have a wonderful and joyful day!

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