Week 22: Master Key in Many Languages

Today has been a very interesting day!

I decided to start translating to Spanish the Master Key Workbook. Of course, I started with Week 1. Those 10 pages took me a good chunk of the afternoon. But what a great way to invest my time!

By translating from English to Spanish, it forced me to really think (and meditate) about the true meaning of each paragraph. And I don’t mean the literal meaning of the words. I mean the meaning of the message, regardless of the language used.

Why is this so important? Because we talk with words but we think with images.

Image result for antique carLet me explain my self a little bit here. If I say the word “car”, you don’t think in the letters: C-A-R. We all Evoque in our minds the image of a car. And the beauty of this is that the image of my car is totally different from the image of your car. Most probably, if ask someone from the 50’s, this person is going to think in something like this one. But if you ask, let’s say one of my kids, he probably would think in something more like this other image of a car:

Image result for modern car

What is your image of our car?

What are the images of every word we use, regardless of the language we a using to communicate our ideas?

What image do we have of ourselves?

In Lesson ONE we have learned that:

  • The “mind is creative, and conditions, environment, and all experiences in life are the results of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.”
  • “The world “without” reflects the circumstances and the conditions of the
    consciousness within.” In other words, the world without is a reflection of the world within.” “What appears without is what has been found within.”
  • “Every thought, therefore, is a cause and every condition an effect; for this reason
    it is absolutely essential that [we] control [our] thoughts so as to bring forth only
    desirable conditions.”
  • “Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by right thinking.”

I heard once: “You are getting the best results with the resources that you are using right now” I didn’t like that sentence. I didn’t like it because I didn’t like my results. Now, I finally understand that every output in my life is the direct result of my mind frame. I have created a perfect correlation between the world I have and the world think I deserve. Not the world I desire, but the one I deeply inside think and feel I deserve.

All my scarcities are but the product of the scarcities in my mind.

All the cycles of being successful and having to start all over again after 6-7 months have been products of my mind. All the times I fail to call a client or a prospective customer, all the times I was “forced” to put some account receivables as “losses” because the client didn’t pay. All those circumstances in my life have been the direct products of my mind. Only me is responsible for my circumstances.

After all, I am the master of my emotions and it only up to me to change all the circumstances I dislike.

Knowing the power of change all my circumstances are within me brings me a mismatch of feelings. On one hand, feel scared. Scared of the responsibility is upon me. It’s only up to me to change my circumstances. On the other hand, I feel excited! Exited that it’s up to me and only me to change whatever I want to change in my life!

The journey just begins!

Image result for change the men and will change the world

PS. And your journey in life, how is going?