Week 23: Master Key in Stereo!

Today I’m reading my Master Key Program corresponding to week #24, and at the same time, I’m reading and translating to Spanish my Master Key Program corresponding to week #3.

Why You Are Listening To Music Wrong

What an accelerating experience!

Image result for translatingOn one hand, I have the opportunity to revisit the very first weeks of the program. Now it makes more sense than ever!
In the other hand, I have the opportunity to Mastermind with my wife, who is not doing the program, but I “asked the favor” to check my spelling”  😉


Having the opportunity to work in a deeper way with the Master key System has allowed me to finally crystallize my DMP. And what an extraordinary DMP I have now!

It’s still pending and subjects to be revised, but it’s a DMP that makes me wake up very early in the morning and invites me to work toward my goals!

It’s really amazing how all the pieces now fit together in perfect harmony.

Image result for perfect balance

The Master Key Program is getting to its end… Or perhaps I should say that the journey just begins?

Image result for journey begins

PS. What brings your journey to you so far?