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Week 8: Don’t Have Time to Meditate? Make the Time.!

-But, I just don’t have time to meditate… -If you don’t have twenty minutes to delve into yourself through meditation, then that means you really need two hours… That’s because while “your mind is the part of your body you use the most, it’s also probably the part you spend the least amount of time […]

Week 7: We Are Indeed the Architects and Sculptors of our own lives…

Jim Rohn once said: “Personal success is built on the foundation of character, and character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment into who you want to be…” Character comes from Old French caractere, via Latin from Greek kharaktēr ‘a stamping tool.’ […]

Week 6: You have two essential tasks in life…

“You have two essential tasks in life: to be a good person and to pursue the occupation that you love. Everything else is a waste of energy and a squandering of your potential.” – Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, from the book “The Daily Stoic” I’ve been asking myself: What is it that only I can do? What is […]

Week 5: Want Tranquility? Believe in Yourself. Walk Your Path…

“Tranquility and peace are found in identifying our path and in sticking to it: staying the course—making adjustments here and there, naturally—but ignoring the distracting sirens who beckon us to turn toward the rocks.” – Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, from the book “The Daily Stoic” “In Seneca’s essay on tranquility, he uses the Greek […]


“The biggest challenge for even the most focused, though, comes from the emotional turmoil of our lives, like a recent blowup in a close relationship that keeps intruding into your thoughts. Such thoughts barge in for a good reason: to get us to think through what to do about what’s upsetting us.” – Daniel Goleman […]

Week 2: Procrastination: Running Behind? An Eagle in a barn deserve to fly free…

Running behind? Why I always feel like I’m running behind? This wonderful experience of Master Key-Master Mind is no exception to that same feeling. Today, I’m publishing my post for the 2nd week, when I should be really publishing my post for the 9th week (Which is something I will be done sometime today, along with all the […]