Week 1: The beginning of a journey

What is the most difficult step in a journey?
Many could think is the last step because we are tired of a long (or short) journey. But the reality is that the most difficult step in a journey is the very first step.

First Step is the hardest

First Step is the hardest

The first step means breaking with the inertia. Inertia is the tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

Doing that first step is changing. Change is a very interesting word. It is a verb and a noun, depending upon the context in where is used. In general, Change means: the act of making or becoming different. But in order to change, we must renounce to be what we used to be, in order to become different.images (1)

That is the main reason why doing this very first step is in many instances the most difficult step in any journey. So difficult that the majority of the people never star the journey to a better version of themselves.

Today I start my journey. Today is my first step. Today is the birthday of a new, better and improved version of myself.

Today I start the process of becoming the person I’m destined to be in the first place.

First Step-start