Week 10: Moving out or moving forward?

Today I’m writing not one bot two post. One for week 10 (I couldn’t do it on time last week), another for week 11 (this week).

Image result for moving outLast week, my step daughter moved out of my apartment to her own apartment. She is 20 years young. And she is amazing!

It has been in a mix-match feeling for mom (her mom).

In one hand, she (we) is (are) proud of her. She has become such a wonderful, extraordinary, responsible, carrying young woman.

In the other hand, she feels like half her heart has been taken away from her.. Her only child, her best friend, her confident has moved out of her side to start her own independent life…

You can feel the emptiness of the nest…

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In my case, I have two on my own. A boy and a girl. They both are also 20 years young. (They are twins!)

In my case, I lost my kids in my divorce in 1998. I fought to be close to them, God knows how hard I’ve been fighting this fight… Unfortunately for me, my daughter doesn’t want to know about me, my son… Well, he has been very polite… But is a totally different story… Let’s get back to my step daughter…

The way I see it, she didn’t move out, she only moved forward. it is part of life. CHANGE is part of life… I we want to live the life we want, we need to embrace change as an essential part of our lives…

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I still struggling with my DMP, I know in my bones I’m not living the life I’m destined to live. I also know in my bones I’m moving forward… perhaps not at the speed i would like to, but I’m moving forward.

Two days ago, I asked a friend of my how he has achieved such a tremendous success in his life. his answer couldn’t be more providential:

  1. Associate to the correct people.
  2. Avoid distractions…

That is precisely why is so important to have my DMP ready. That is why is so important to Mastermind. That is why is so important MKMMA.

Today, my step daughter is moving forward. it is time for me to continue my journey again…

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PS. Tell me about your own journey. Perhaps we have more in common that we could possible imagine.

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This is your process of getting it where you want to be. So, let it be by your speed.. You will get there when you will be ready.. so, enjoy the proces, this is the beauty! 😀 😉


Continue the Journey and Success will be yours


Wow! I am here, moving forward in the same manner. I completely understand. Reading about half of the heart moving away, brought me to a meltdown, as 3 of my own 4 kids have now moved away. I miss them so very much!!! The last, and my only son, is now almost 19, and I know that his time to fly will be soon… Alas, they all have my heart, and are now Free to go shine brightly in, and FOR this world. Stand strong for your wife, and for yourself. The Empty nest is very real, and very tough. I too, shall use this as a time to re-create myself, and shine just as brightly as our collective children do!


I love how honest and personal this post is. For me the DMP is also always evolving. To see someone as accomplished as you still evolving and working at getting better is very encouraging.

edina c

Yes, we probably do have more in common. Most people do, I feel. I can relate to the bittersweet feelings of allowing a daughter to own her own life.

It took 10 DMP rewrites for my guides to sign off on it. But, I do keep tweaking it, even now.

When I read this post, I can feel it, you ARE moving in the right direction for you. It seems this is a transition point in your life. The patience you are giving yourself, as well as the focus to discover what is meaningful to you will pay off, beautifully.

Beauty Day to you, Ivan 🙂

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