Week 11: Today, I salute you!

December 8th, 2016.

For many, an ordinary day.

For many others, it also the celebration of Blessed Virgin Mary.

For me, it is the day  I stop to breath, and think about an extraordinary person: my father. A day as today, two years ago, my dad passed away…

My relationship with my father has passed through several stages…

First Stage: When he was “DAD”, or “DADDY”. I didn’t know his name. To me, he was just “DAD”. I remember waking up very early in the morning alongside with mom to farewll daddy at the time he left to work. And I did my best to stay awake every night to get to see yhim when he gets back home from work…

Second Stage: In my teenage years I felt “big” and I criticized everything, including him. I used to calle him by his name (Ismael) not knowing how much it affected him.

Int the Third Stage: Live gave me the opportunity of being dad myself of my twin kids (Mariam & Daniel).  At this moment I finally understood how big was your love for me and the tremendous sacrifices mom and he did for us.

Fourth Stage:  When we spent long hours every single day, talking while I was driving back home from my work. We became best friends! I read every single article, book, news, cartoon, note that he sent me or ask me to read. He became my best friend, my counselor, my teacher. And by the same token, I became your greatest admirer.

And now we are at our Fifth State: when I see you in every expression, every act, every thought. I see your hands in my hands, I see your face reflected in the mirror. And I say with pride: I am your son dad!

I love you dad…




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Thank you for this emotional post. I have tears in my eyes… At the end all we “have” is how someone remember us and what feelings we arouse in them. Your dad was great man, and so are you!


Emotional post Ivan. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I had tears in my eyes. I am so glad you and your dad had the great relationship that you had in the end. I lost my Mom 12 years ago and unfortunately we were not close. Treasure those memories you had with him always.


I am touched by your words. My own father passed before I really got to know him.


Ivan, this is such a beautiful tribute to your father. Thank you for sharing your love for him with all of us. It was very touching to read.


Ivan. Thank you for sharing your memories of your Dad. I am sure that he would approve of your words and would be so very proud of what you are accomplishing in your life. May God bless you and your family.


Awesome! Made me tear up! Love your post!


Touching post about your Dad ..My Dad went to be with the Lord Many Years ago…I think about him and your post reminded me of Him …Thanks


Yes…I feel peace with this post, and love your description of the 5th state…. for I am my mothers’ daughter. The mirror doesn’t hide… RIP, Mom…


So sorry to read. You are in my prayer!


May the good memories give you peace today.

edina c

Today is quite a day for reflection. I feel the care and kindness in your heart.
Fond memories of your Dad. Blessing to you.

    solange labbe

    beautifull, emotive , thanks 🙂

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