Week 2: Running Behind


Why I always feel like I’m running behind?

This wonderful experience of Master Key-Master Mind is no exception to that same feeling.

Today, I’m publishing my post for the 2nd week, when I should be really publishing my post for the 9th week (Which is something I will be doing sometime today, along with all the other posts in between).

After a humbled process of self reflection, I came up with only one word: Procrastination.

Procrastination literally means: the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.


I never thought about myself as a person who procrastinate. But the truth is that if my results are the same as of a person who procrastinate, changes are that I’m procrastinating too. And this post doesn’t help me to get out of the hook of being tagged as a person who procrastinate.

When I was a 12 years old teenager, my beloved sister gave me a small sign that reads: “Why there is no time to do something right, but there is always time to do it again?”

Is today, when I am 49 years young when I realized how this little sign has affected me in such a negative way during all those years. Even though I don’t have the sign with me, somehow the sign is still marauding inside my head.

actextraescolaresI’ve been my whole entire life with this not so estrange feeling of running behind the school bus on my way to the school, while all the other students are looking at me, from the bus.

We both are going to arrive to the school, eventually. But why it has to be so hard to me to arrive to the same school where all the other people arrive so relaxed?

The answer is simple: My Old Blueprint!

The good thing is that now I can recognize it is my old blueprint who has been dictating my habits and my actions, and therefore obtaining the same old results, while working in creating a brand new blueprint throughout MKMM Alliance that allows me achieve the results I’m destined to achieve.

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Stick around, a new, better, and improved version of me is in the making and I’m loving it!