Week 3: Changes are good!


Changes are good!

How many times have we heard (or say) this expression but in reality, we don’t like to change?

Changes are not bad or good per se. We tagged them as bad or good depending upon our own perspective of the price we have to pay for our new reality. But not knowing the consequences, “the price” we have to pay derivate from our new reality can be very frightening.

images (6)It is this fear that paralyzes us. It what has paralyzed me many times…

I have not one, or two, or even three different licensed professions, but 7. Yes, you have read right: S-E-V-E-N different licensed professions in my life. I have moved from one country to another totally different country twice to start all over again. I am passionate, goal driven. But somehow, I always manage to sabotage my best results.   Somehow, I don’t fulfill my wildest dreams of enjoying a better life, a better relationship with my family, a better relationship my significant ones, a better relationship my personal wealth, or even my health.

As Shirley Hodgins says in her blog, in a way I couldn’t say it any better: “My conscious mind is uncovering some of the deep-seated, hidden, negative thoughts I’ve been using as fuel to run (ruin) my life on autopilot”.

Yep, that’s about it! As I said before, I couldn’t say it any better: Even though I have had a very impressive professional trajectory in my life (sometimes it feels like more than just one life in just one lifetime), I’ve been using my deep-seated, hidden, negative thoughts as fuel to run (ruin) my life on autopilot.

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The good news is: It is time to change!



Because now, living with the consequences of not changing is worse than the fear of living a new reality, it’s worse than the fear of changing, it is worse than
the fear of rejection, it’s worse than the fear of failure, or worse than the fear of success.

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I am changing.

Every second I’m in the program, I’m changing.

Every letter I read changes me.

Every letter I write changes me.

I’m now conscious of being responsible for my life.

I am indeed the architect of my new reality.

I am, from now the king of my life!

And it feels so good!

And, as I said before: Changes are good!

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