Week 34: My Tenant has Gone… Thanks God..!!  

The Good news:

Today I woke up early as usual.

To my surprise, my tenant has gone!

Yes, my tenant has finally moved out.

Even though he was a good guy, I didn’t like the way he behaved in my property. I didn’t like the way he treated me. Specially the way he used to talk to me.

Finding out that my tenant has gone gives me a huge relief.

No more this ugly noise in the morning.

No more this unsettle feeling of being wrong in my own house.

No more his voice telling me all the bad thing he used to tell me.

Frankly, I don’t know how I let him stay for so long…

Update #1:

OB-PZ529_junkma_G_20111006070316Yes, it’s true my tenant has moved out, but I’m still receiving some of his mails.

At the beginning I didn’t pay attention to his mail, but during this last days of Christmas it has been palling up. And I started to be worried about it.

I even started to be worried about him coming home to get his mail and settling once again in my house. So, I decided to be more proactive and vigilant of my home.

Now my house has a new tenant.

This one is a fun guy to be around. He makes me laugh and always gives me support in my endeavors.

He is very optimistic and always has a compliment to every person he meets. He always find the positive side of every situation, and most importantly, he always has kind words toward me.

I definitively like this tenant way more better.

Update #2:

download (8)These last couple of days, my new tenant and I have decided to send back those unopened messages of my previous tenant. No easy task at all, but with his help, there is no more constant garbage in the back of my mind, there are no more negative thoughts.


Dont-Believe1_defd5ff64a595c2139afede64e9c8743 (1)

And tonight, in Christmas Eve, I’m celebrating that my previous tenant has gone!!


Tonight I’m celebrating the old me and my constant bad habit of thinking the worst have officially leaved my dwelling and with my new tenant, a new me has reborn!

I definitively like this tenant way more better.

I definitively like this new version of myself!

Merry Christmas to you all!


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