Week 9: Ready to Discover Your Purpose? Don’t judge your meditation. Just sit!

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There are times in life when emotional pain just feels overwhelming. Yet, it is through our trials and pain that our gifts can emerge, and it is by overcoming temptation and troubles that we are made stronger and more valuable to the planet. At some point, we all will inevitably have to confront our past or pain, deal with it, learn from it, and allow it to reveal our gifts and essence to the world and ourselves.

Below are three steps that are helping me transform my pain into purpose:

Step 1: Find My Essence

The key to staying positive and progressing in life is discovering your essence. First you need to get in touch with the pain in your life. To that end, I’ve asked myself these questions:

  • Where in in body do I feel it?
  • What is my passion?

By writing down my answers, I transfer my pain to the paper and helps me to get clear on what I want and my WHY (for transforming “pain” into something greater).

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Step 2: Meditate with Intention

Once I have discovered my essence, I needed to connect deeply with myself to know exactly who I am. Try to become aware and present to focus on solutions, NOT problems. Focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do. Let my meditation remind and reinforce who I am, WHY I am, and drive me to truly be of service.

Here it’s important to point out that we should not judge our meditation. We just sit and meditate. What we might think is our “worst” meditation may, in fact, be our BEST meditation. Although our brains might’ve been buzzing with whatever stress was going on, the fact that we sat for our twenty minutes might have been *just* what we needed to cool our brains off enough to go out and face the day with more grace and equanimity than we might otherwise have had.

Here’s how Herbert Benson—one of the world’s leading researchers on the scientific benefits of meditation—puts it in “The Relaxation Revolution”: “I also frequently use the analogy of brushing teeth. Most of us are concerned to one extent or another with dental hygiene, but we don’t dwell on the tooth-cleaning process. We just work away with that brush every day. Almost no one evaluates the brushing, to say, ‘That was a good brush!’ or, ‘Too bad—that was a bad brush.’ We simply do it! And that should be our approach to mind body treatments.”

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Step 3: Discovering my Purpose

This is the BIG question: How do you know if you’re living your life purpose? Discovering your purpose is what helps you: be creative, be true to yourself, and live life to the fullest. Perhaps this is exactly the reason I’m struggling so much in finishing my DMP y my #MKMMA program.

To help reveal our purpose, we should try asking this question, “Why is the world a better place because I breathe and because of my contribution”.  Answering that question helps to open the door to our purpose.

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Brian Johnson recommends that if we (I) continue to struggle finding our (my) purpose, we should find a mentor (Mark J.?). Find someone with passion whom you respect and ask him or her to mentor you. Together we should focus on making your life about the future instead of the past. That is precisely the reason #MKMMA is so important. Because of the Masterminding.

I’m still struggling with my DMP, but I’m convinced that if I master these three steps, I will have a much better chance at turning my toughest vulnerabilities into fuel for my greatest triumphs.

See you on next week.


PS. Do you judge your tooth brushing?

No. You just do it.

So, don’t judge your meditation. Just sit!