Week 6: You have two essential tasks in life…

“You have two essential tasks in life: to be a good person and to pursue the occupation that you love. Everything else is a waste of energy and a squandering of your potential.”

– Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, from the book “The Daily Stoic”

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I’ve been asking myself: What is it that only I can do? What is the best use of my limited time on this planet?

And I prefer to think that I always do the right thing when the situation calls for it, but the reality is that Fear is evil. Fear paralyses. Fear is sometimes (many times) in charge of making the decisions in my life.

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I procure always to treat other people the way I would hope to be treated. You know, “Put myself in other people’s shoes”. But negativity is always present. Opinion is always present, fear is always present.

Image result for i will try to put myself in other people's shoesThat is why so important this “Mental Diet” is. That is why is so important to insist, persist, and prevail.

I lost count of how many times I have failed in my mental diet. The good thing about that is that, by the exact same token, I lost count of how many times I have started all over again in my mental diet. That is how I know I will prevail. That is how I know I am prevailing!

Because now, I’m working on myself, for myself and by myself, with the help and support of Mark J. and all the wonderful people of MKMM Program.

I finally got it! In my journey, I’m becoming the hero I’m destined to be! I am the hero of my own life! I am living the journey of a hero!

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What a big secret we uncover in this wonderful journey…

“The happiness of our life depends upon the quality of our own thoughts” 

Marcos Aurelius

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I already started a new life… Now we entered into the second Scroll from Og Mandino’s book GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD.  Now, I’m determined to star and greet my day with love in my heart!

It is about time to change the “sh*t” word for something more positive every time I open my eyes in the morning. What about “Thank you God for another opportunity to live the life of my dreams”?

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Because at the end…

It is my life. It is my responsibility to live the life I destined to live, with courage and love!


PS.  Please, comment and give me your insight…