Week 20: What I have Learned so far…

First, how do we learn?

We learn from the things that happen to us – our experiences.

Learning is acquiring a relatively permanent change in behavior through experience. We experience things and learn to modify our behaviors based on what we know.

There are two different types of learning – observational and associative learning.

  • Observational Learning is learning by watching others engage in different behaviors. I didn’t know how powerful is this type of learning process until one glass broke the very first week I started to live with my wife 17 years ago. I started to “react” the way I had learned from observing my mom: Creating a total emergency situation, yelling while being very agitated. My wife gave me a very powerful lesson that day. She took a broom and dustpan and very calmly, she proceeded to pick up every bit of glass, and them she continued doing her chores inside the kitchen. What a powerful lesson! Not only she showed me that there are many (way better) ways to respond to the same situation. She taught me a new (better way to respond to the similar situation. I learned by observing others engage in different behaviors.
  • Associative Learning is learning by establishing connections between events. Conditioning is the method for teaching associations, and there are two types of conditioning – classical and operant conditioning.
    • Classical conditioning is the method of teaching associations between two different stimuli. For example, we learned the connection between lightning and thunder because they almost always occur together. On the other hand,
    • Operant Conditioning is the method of teaching associations between behaviors and consequences. Operant conditioning uses rewards and punishments to strengthen or weaken behaviors. For example, people might have learned the connection between telling lies and losing credibility and friends.

Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.”

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That is precisely why #MKMMA is so powerful and creates so profound changes in our lives. Because is an ongoing living experience. What I have learned so far within the #MKMMA has been by doing it, by creating the new habits and living the changes within me.

Try to describe the flavor of strawberries to a person who never has tested strawberries. It’s just close to impossible! Give a strawberry to a person who never has tasted one. She instantly will know how it tastes. No second guesses.

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Every day I learn to be happy. Every day I learn that being happy is a decision. Every day I learn to give a receive. Every day I learn to visualize the person I destined to be. Every day I learn to be grateful. Every day I learn by doing it and living it.

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Thank you Mark J. and all the beautiful people who mastermind and support me in this wonderful hero’s journey I have been called to walk.

The journey started. I can clearly identify my mentor and my helpers. I can even identify the challenges ahead.

I’m about to confront the most significant part of my journey: the revelation present in the abyss, and the corresponding transformation that comes afterward.


I have learned many thing during this process. I have learned that it’s up to me (and only me) the privilege of living my life to the fullest. And that I must live this day as if it is my last, and if it is indeed,y last, it will be my best. If it is not, I will fall on my knees and give thanks!

PS. What have you learned so far?