Week 40: No. What is that?

This is our 3rd post in a row talking about our subconscious mind. Today we are going to be talking about the inability of our subconscious mind to understand the meaning of the word “NO”.

You don’t believe me?

yellow-river-11Bear with me and imagine we both are walking through a trail in the forest. Imagine the tall trees at both sides of the trail and a beautiful river and the end of the trail. Listen to the birds, fell the breeze on your face. It is indeed a wonderful place to be. And now, please do not see the gorilla jumping up and down on the top of a small bush at your right side of the trail. I repeat, do not imagine a gorilla jumping up and down at your right side of the trail.images (21)

What just happened?

Did you see anything?

Did you follow the instructions or on the contrary, you just saw the gorilla jumping up and down at the right side of the trail?

If you saw the gorilla, congratulations! You are like the rest of the world and your subconscious mind does not understand the meaning of the word “NO”.

images (20)

Why this is important?

Have you ever told a kid who is walking with a glass full of milk or a bowl with cereal and milk on his/her hand: “Be careful don’t spill the milk”? What happens just immediately after you gave him/her the instruction?

He/she just spilled the milk!images (23)


Because the subconscious mind does not understand the meaning of the word “NO”. If you don’t want the kid to spill the milk, then you have to ask yourself first: what do I really want? If your answer is: “I want him/her to not spill the milk”. You just don’t get it yet.

You want him/her to walk carefully, and slowly from one side of the room to the other.

Did I mention anything in the last sentence about what I don’t want (Which is spilling the milk)?

No. I only concentrate my effort in telling him/her what I want.


That happens with every aspect of our life.

images (3)If somebody wants to stop smoking, and really wants to succeed, instead of saying: “I don’t want to smoke never, ever in my life”. He/she needs to rephrase in a positive way by asking him/herself what he/she really wants.

To guarantee success, he/she should be saying something like: “I want a healthy lifestyle, I want to breathe only pure air”.

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If you want to live a life in abundance, stop thinking about getting out of debt and start thinking about having money and using it wisely. Otherwise, you’ll be bankrupted sooner than expected.

images (25)

Visualize yourself achieving the life you want for yourself, in a positive way. And enjoy the ride making it happen!

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